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How It Works

  1. Businesses/Vendors/Shops/Stores/Service professionals submit online/call/email/fax their deals/coupons to LittleIndiaDeals.com

  2. Deals/Coupons submitted online are being updated on the LittleIndiaDeals.com homepage immediately.

  3. Business owners need not worry about creating coupons. The coupons are created based on the logo and text content provided and are generated on the fly. One can create and distribute any number of coupons

  4. Website visitors/customers then can go through all the available deals on the home page and get the coupons of their interest. They can either print the coupons or provide the coupon codes to the corresponding businesses/shops/stores/services for getting the deals/discounts.

  5. Deals/coupons are shown based on the location of the web site visitor. With in built intelligence LittleIndiaDeals serves the deals based on the location of the web site visitor. For example, People in san diego who visit the www.littleindiadeals.com web site will see deals in and around and san diego while those who visit from new york will see deals in and around new york.

  6. Deals/coupons submitted to Little India Deals are also distributed through email across the whole Indian community spread in different cities, regions, states and countries. Indian communities. It also has major operations in India.

  7. Various additional and social networking features are available on the web site to share and distribute the deals and coupons. The business owners can provide their Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other profiles so that they can visible in the deal. This is a great marketing strategy to penetrate into wider audience

  8. Features like Print, Save button provide ability to print specific deal/coupon.

  9. Send Coupon by email feature provides the ability to forward specific coupons to one or more email addresses

Major Features

In addition to a host of in built additional features, the most commonly used features are listed below :

  1. Submit Deal: Provides the ability to submit a new deal / coupon

  2. Request Deal : Provides the ability to ask/request a deal/coupon from either local businesses or all businesses in a particular category.

  3. Add Business : Provides the ability to add your business to our directory listing.

  4. Members Page : Once signed-in Members page is visible and provides ability to manage current deals/coupons for editing/deleting, etc.

  5. Redeem Page: Redeem Coupon/Code helps to realize the codes provided by Little India Deals or one of its business partners.

  6. Categories : By default the deals are grouped in to different categories for easy visibility and search

  7. Deal Search : You can search deals by keywords provided on the homepage. You can search by city, category or business name or any keyword

  8. City Deals : Based on your browsers capability, Deals in your city are served and additional "Search Deals in your city" button is visible.

  9. Deal Listing : The home page provides deal listing for each deal submitted. Latest deals submitted with major discounts and top rating/reviews are shown on the top.

Deal Item Features

Sample Coupon

The web site has options to display the latest and hot deals right on the home page. Please visit the web site to see how it works. The site provides a great value to the web site visitors/customers. A lot of ground work and search engine optimization has been done on the web site which makes it reachable to thousands and thousands of members in Indian Community. The total Asian Indian population in USA is around 2.7 million. Your promotions through LittleIndiaDeals gets more customers and supplements your existing marketing strategies.

In addition, Little India Deals has Indian Shops & Services Directory listing. This listing provides store/service information along with contacts, additional deals and reviews. Please ensure to submit your business to us so we include your shop/store/service in our directory to get a wider publicity.

We provide free services to non-profit organizations. So if you wish to raise funds for your non-profit organization, please contact us for more information. Various non profit organizations have been able raise funds through our channel.

If you wish to get more customized reach out to community customers consider becoming a Silver, Gold, Platinum Member. Please contact us at 858-566-6111 or email us for Membership options. We also have small advertising slots still available on the website. Please grab the spots before they are gone.

Please feel free to contact us at 858-566-6111 or email at [email protected] We will be more than happy to work with you and help grow your business.






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